Top 10 Board Games Based On Popular PC Games

Board games based on popular PC games have been around for a long time, providing tabletop versions of beloved video game franchises for fans to enjoy. From strategy games to cooperative adventures, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are the top 10 board games based on popular PC games:

  1. Civilization: The Board Game” – Based on the classic PC strategy game, “Civilization: The Board Game” allows players to build and develop their own civilizations, competing against each other to advance their culture and become the most powerful civilization on the board.
  2. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate” – This cooperative board game is based on the popular “Dungeons & Dragons” video game series and allows players to explore the city of Baldur’s Gate while fighting off monsters and dealing with the threat of betrayal within their own group.
  3. Risk: Mass Effect” – This board game version of the popular sci-fi video game franchise lets players assume the role of a leader of one of four factions vying for control of the galaxy.
  4. Fallout: The Board Game” – Based on the post-apocalyptic video game series, “Fallout: The Board Game” tasks players with surviving in a harsh wasteland filled with radiation, mutated creatures, and rival factions.
  5. Halo: Fleet Battles” – This board game allows players to reenact epic space battles from the “Halo” video game series, with each player commanding their own fleet of ships.
  6. The Witcher Adventure Game” – Based on the popular “Witcher” video game series, this board game allows players to assume the role of one of four characters and embark on quests, fighting monsters and making moral choices along the way.
  7. Overwatch: The Board Game” – This tabletop version of the popular team-based shooter lets players choose from a variety of heroes, each with their own unique abilities, and compete in fast-paced, objective-based battles.
  8. Dark Souls: The Board Game” – This cooperative board game is based on the notoriously difficult video game series, tasking players with battling their way through a variety of deadly enemies and challenging bosses.
  9. Ticket to Ride: World War Z” – This board game combines the popular “Ticket to Ride” gameplay with the zombie-filled world of the “World War Z” video game, tasking players with building transportation routes and surviving against hordes of the undead.
  10. Pandemic: The Board Game” – Based on the popular cooperative board game, “Pandemic: The Board Game” tasks players with working together to contain and cure diseases that have broken out around the world, before it’s too late.

These are just a few of the top board games based on popular PC games, offering a wide range of genres and gameplay styles for players to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games, cooperative adventures, or fast-paced action, there’s sure to be a board game based on a popular PC game that you’ll love.

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